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Tournament testing is A/B testing for the real world.

Have your customers rank your ideas before you invest valuable time and money!

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How does it work?

Tournament testing is a cross between A/B testing and a survey. You upload as many variations as you want (30 or more is common), and then participants are shown 2 variations at a time. Each choice they make eliminates a variation until there is only one left.

I'm a…

…or anyone else who needs answers

Your Question: "Which icon do you prefer?"

  • Example tournament contender 1
  • Example tournament contender 2
  • Example tournament contender 3
  • Example tournament contender 4

For each participant, the icons compete in a tournament.

Example tournament contender 1 contender 1 is eliminated
Example tournament contender 2
Example tournament contender 3
Example tournament contender 4 contender 4 is eliminated
Example tournament contender 2 contender 2 is eliminated
Example tournament contender 3
Example tournament contender 3 is the winner
empty browser window

Which icon do you prefer?

  • Example tournament contender clicked
  • Example tournament contender clicked

Guaranteed to unlock critical insights

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You don't know enough about your customers

And you'll never know enough. Even after doing a metric ton of research, there's always a suprising detail. Sometimes it's a complete game-changer.

You're making decisions without data

There's a constant stream of decisions to be made. We'd all like to base every decision on hard data, but getting that data can be expensive, and when you do get the results, they're not always actionable.

And then you find yourself relying on intuition instead of data.

A/B testing is great, but it's not always the right tool for the job

If you don't have a lot of traffic already, it can take weeks to get high confidence results. And buying traffic can get pricey. And if you're not ready to sell something, or your conversion rate is low, you might need a lot of traffic before you have enough conversions to be sure.

Feels like a lot of work before you can even test

Devising all the variations is one thing, but there's also the cost of implementing the variations.

Want to test 10 different concepts for a video on your homepage? You could make all ten videos, but that's already the end of the process. At that point you've already written 10 scripts, made 10 sound tracks, paid 10 voiceover actors, and edited 10 sets of clips.

Sounds awefully expensive.

You want to be lean, but some questions are hard to answer

Well I have good news: it's about to get a lot easier!

The Whicher is here to help!

We've combined the good parts of A/B testing and research surveys so you can test early and test often.

We've also thought a lot about how to make it fun so you won't have to worry about asking your customers to participate in another boring survey.

Here's a few ways the Whicher will improve your life:

  • Test your ideas before you invest time and money developing them.
  • Getting more data from each participant means results are available faster.
  • Ranking of your variations with scores makes the data actionable. You always know if A is better than B, and by how much.
  • You get to ask a question. No more wondering why people are clicking what they are.

Guaranteed to unlock critical insights

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