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Be Positive with the Whicher, it improves UX May 21, 2013

When first experimenting with the Whicher, we put together a survey called “Which social network would you rather give up?” We decided to pick a topic that was fun and quick making it easy for us to test the tool’s usability. We choose 8 social networks to rank by popularity (contenders, in Whicher parlance) and sent out the link!

Screenshot of the ”We have a winner” page in the Whicher

Then something weird happened. After they completed the survey, I began to receive messages from each of the participants. They said to me, “My winner was ‘Foursquare’...but that’s the social networking site I don’t want, the one I like the least. Why would that be my winner? It didn’t win in my book.”

7 Deadly Sins of A/B Testing January 9, 2013

Have you every noticed how the 7 deadly sins are applied to everything these days? Wonder why?

Turns out people just like the idea of it. I thought it was kind of spammy and that nobody would be interested, but as it turns out, the data tells a different story, but that's not the story I'm going to tell today.

Note: These are very real warnings about common pitfalls with a/b testing, though only loosely based on the 7 deadly sins.


Baby sloth, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The first mistake most people make when A/B testing is not A/B testing.

A/B testing is essentially the scientific method, which works crazy well. Like, we're talking seriously powerful shit.

If you're not running A/B tests right now, do yourself a favor and set up at least 1 A/B test and check it every monday this month.

3 Tips for Amazingly Sharable Headlines from KissMetrics’ Blog November 27, 2012

Headlines are important; we all agree on that.

Without good headlines, you don’t get clicks, and then nobody even reads the rest of your content.

So I’ll cut to the chase...

Super Meta: Dogfooding the Whicher October 31, 2012

Today is a great day.

Because today is the day you get to control our mutual destiny!

I've set up a Tournament where you can tell me which of my blog post ideas are complete shit ;)

Blogging is worth it September 28, 2012

I've long believed blogging is a worthwhile activity. I've been blogging for quite some time now.

Beside the obvious SEO, and marketing benefit, it helps you refine your ideas. So naturally, when I was brainstorming ways to get the word out about the Whicher using a blog went without saying.

The Whicher

Do you wish you knew more about your customers? Yeah me too.

I use A/B Testing to learn about my customers, and it's a great tool, but don't you wish you could get data faster? and without needing so much traffic?

The Whicher gets data fast, and doesn't need hundreds of conversions per variation to work!

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